Agro Servis has been established as pure Turkish origin company. Agro Servis can serve to their clients 12 months by its 70.000 m2 bonded warehouse. The company is specializing in Import and distribution of feedstuff and various grains. Since its establishment the Company has been a leading importer of Turkey for Sunflower meal and Wheat Bran, around 300.000 mt. in a season.

Agro Servis has operating a Bonded Warehouses complex containing beside Aliaga port in Izmir. Our Group logistics also consists of Port storage facilities in several Ukrainian and Russian Ports.

Our company maintain excellent discharge and storage facilities in all main Turkish Ports; Samsun, Izmit Bay, Bandirma, Tekirdag, Izmir and Mersin.

We are supplying materials to Turkey from; Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and the EEC. Through our foreign partners, we are able to source the best quality and cost effective products.

We are importing about 40,000 MT of various Grains and Feed Stuff per month. Thorough our partnership with Control Union, Turkey we perform our own quality control and verify that only the best products are supplied to our clients. Based on those advantages, we are able to serve our clients in Turkey, bringing to their door most cost effective solutions and products.